Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil is the best playmaker in England!

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The German is the most talented player in the Premier League, and the most successful one. He is also the main star of the German national team.
Ozil has become a star of his own, and he has become the best player of the English Premier League. This is not surprising, because the club is very rich and has a good selection of players.
The club is a good example of the development of football in the country. In the past, the team was the best in the championship, but now it is not even close to the leaders.
However, the players of Arsenal are still able to become the leaders of the Premier league. Ozil has already shown that he is able to play at the top level. The German player has already scored a lot of goals for the club, and this is a proof that he has a bright future.

The Premier league table is very interesting, because there are only a few teams that are able to compete for the title. The English Premier league is very strong, and it is possible that in the near future we will see the last season of the top clubs in the English championship.
English Premier league fixtures
The English Premier club season is already in full swing, and already in the middle of the championship the teams are in a state of crisis. The teams are fighting for the places in the Champions League zone, and in the last rounds the struggle for the gold medals has already become more serious.
At the moment, the main contenders for the champion title are:
* Manchester City;
* Chelsea;
* Liverpool;
and Arsenal.
In the current season, the Gunners have the best chances of winning the title, because they are the best among the teams in the current Premier league standings. The team has the best players in the team, and they are able not only to score a lot, but also to defend their positions.
Manchester City is also a contender for the trophy, but the team has not been in a good shape for a long time, and its players are not in the best shape. This has caused the team to lose a lot.
It is also worth noting that the team is not the best at the domestic arena, and there are a lot more matches ahead.
All English Premier live scores
The current season of English Premier is very important for the teams, because it is the last chance to get into the Champions league zone. The main goal of the teams is to get to the playoffs, where they will have to fight for the place in the group of the best clubs.
This season, Manchester City has a very difficult task, because its competitors are not the strongest. The club is in a very bad shape, and many of its leaders have already left the team. The previous season, it was very difficult for the team in the domestic championship, and now it has a lot to do.
There are only two matches left, and if the team fails in the second one, it will not be able to enter the playoffs.
Live scores of the matches of the current championship
The team has a really difficult task ahead of it, because many of the competitors are very strong. The current season is very critical for the City, because if it fails in any of the two matches, it won’t be able enter the Champions club tournament.
One of the main problems of the team are the injuries of many players. This problem has already happened to the team before, and a lot has been lost.
Of course, the City is not a favorite of the tournament, but it is still a contender. The best chance of getting into the playoffs is to win the matches against the rivals.
You can always follow the live scores of matches of English championship on the sports statistics website. Here, you will find not only the results of the games, but you will also find the schedule of upcoming matches.
Current position of the Gunnerz
The season of Manchester City is very difficult, because even if the club has a great chance of winning gold medals, it is very unlikely that it will get into a tournament. The City has many problems, but they are not only technical ones.
First of all, the club needs to find a good coach. The last season was a failure of the club’s leadership, and several of its stars left the club.
Now, the situation is even worse, because only a small number of players are able play for the main team. Many of them have already been injured for a while, and their absence will affect the team’ performance.
Another problem of the City team is the lack of motivation. The players are tired of winning, and are ready to fight to the last round.
If the team wins, it can get into an important tournament, and then it can be called a contender of the Champions cup.
City’ matches on the website
The previous season of Premier league was very successful for the Manchester City, and at the end of the season the team won the champion’ title.
After that, the fans were very happy with the results, and even the club leaders left the main club. However, this time they did not leave the team on good terms.

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