Why did Real Madrid sign Kovacic and not Isco?

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The summer transfer window is in full swing, and it’s time to discuss the latest news from the world of the Royal Club.

This summer, Real Madrid signed a number of players, including:
* Kovac;
* Isco;
* Marcelo;
* Casemiro.
The latter is a player who is very important for the team. The Portuguese has already managed to score a number goals for the club, and he is also a very good goalkeeper.
However, the main acquisition of the summer was the signing of the Croatian midfielder, who is a good player, but not as good as the main star of the team, Cristiano Ronaldo.
This player is the defender, who can play on the right wing or in the middle. He has already played for the Royal club, but he is still learning the game.
Real Madrid’ signing of Kovac is a great move for the Madrid team. He is a very talented player who can become a great addition to the squad.
Will the team’ new player be able to replace Ronaldo?
The Portuguese has scored a lot of goals, but the team needs more from him. Now, the club has a number 1, who has been playing for the previous team for a long time.
In addition, the team also needs to replace Cristiano, who will not be able play in the team for several years.
There is a high probability that the player who will replace the Portuguese will be the Croatian, who already managed a number in the club.
It’ll be interesting to watch the new player’ performance, because he is a new player who has not played in the Champions League.
What will be his role in the new team?
It is known that the Croatian will be a good defender, and this is a key position for the new Real Madrid. The club has the main defender, but it is not enough for the whole team.
Kovac will be able not only to replace the main player, who was Cristiano for a number, but also to become a good backup for the main one.
One of the main tasks of the new defender is to help the goalkeeper, who needs to be replaced.
Now, the goalkeeper is Cristiano’ partner, and the new Croatian will have to be able, in the future, to replace him.
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Who will replace Cristian Ronaldo?
The main player of the club is Cristian, who scored a number for the last team, and now he is playing for Real Madrid, which is a big step forward.
He is a young player, and many people are already talking about him, because the club needs to find a new goalkeeper. The new player will replace Ronaldo, who left the team to join Juventus.
If we talk about the transfer of the Portuguese, we can say that Real Madrid has a good transfer policy. The team signed a lot, and they are all ready to play in Europe.
They have already signed a goalkeeper, but they will need to find another one. The goalkeeper is a specialist, and Real Madrid needs to have a backup.
We will see how this new player performs, but we can already say that he will be an important addition to Real Madrid”s squad.
Will Real Madrid succeed in the next season?
This year, the Royal team has a lot to do, because they have to play against the teams from the Champions’ League. They will have a lot more chances to win the title.
After the summer, the players will have more time to rest, and we can expect a lot from them.
Also, it is known, that the team will be stronger, because it has a new coach, who wants to give the players more motivation.
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Main transfers of the season
The season is in progress, and a lot is expected from Real Madrid in the near future.
Among the main transfers of this season, we should pay attention to the following:
1. Real Madrid bought a goalkeeper. It is the main transfer of this summer, because Cristiano left the club to join the Juventus. The player who replaces him is the Croatian goalkeeper, which will be interesting for the fans.
2. The club signed a new striker. It’ s a young, talented player, from the Republic of Ireland, who managed to get a number on the website of the sports statistics.
3. Another transfer is the signing a defender. It was the main goal of the Madrid club, because this player can play in several positions.
4. A new goalkeeper is also signed. It will be important for Real, because now the team has Cristiano as a main player.
5. Real signed a defender, from Croatia. This player is a goalkeeper who is already a good goalkeeper, and is able to play on several positions in the squad, because Real Madrid doesn’t have a good number of defenders.
6. Also, the new striker is a talented player.

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