What deal did Arsenal agree with Real Madrid?

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After the transfer of Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal to the Spanish La Liga club, the Gunners have been in a difficult position. The club has a number of players who are ready to replace the Chilean in the starting lineup. However, the club has not been able to find a suitable replacement for the main striker Alexis.
The situation is not the worst, but the club still has a lot of problems. The main one is the lack of stability in the lineup. The team is not able to play in the same way for a long time. This is reflected in the results of the club.
In the current season, the team has not managed to win any trophies. In the previous season, it won the Champions League and the Europa League. However this time, the main goal of the team is to win the domestic championship.
This is why the Gunner fans are very interested in the transfer market. The situation in the club is not very stable, so the players who leave the team are not able for long.

The main transfer that the Gunns have recently made is the signing of Lautaro Martinez. The Argentine player is a player who is able to provide the team with stability in a long tournament distance.
However, the transfer is not without problems. First of all, the cost of the player is not that high. The player is worth around 100 million euros.
It is worth noting that the player has already played for the Argentine national team. This will allow him to get used to the team and to become a key player of the Gunn’s lineup.
Who will replace Sanchez in the Arsenal lineup?
The club has several players who can replace Sanchez. The most obvious one is Alexis Sanchez. However the Gunni fans are also interested in other players.
One of the main candidates for the position of the striker is the player who was called the “new Messi”. The Spaniard is not only a good footballer, but also a great leader.
Of course, the new player is able not only to replace Sanchez, but he is also able to become the main scorer of the game of the Arsenal team.
Will the new striker be able to do this?
It’ll be very difficult for the new scorer to become an icon of the Spanish football. The new striker will have to do his best to become one of the best players in the world.
For this, he needs to show a lot in the field. In addition to the striker, the Arsenal needs to strengthen the defense. The previous season the team managed to achieve a good result, but this time it will be much more difficult to achieve the desired result.
All the details of the transfer will be available on the website of sports statistics. Here, you can always find the latest news about the football world. The information about the transfer can be found in the section “Arsenal’ transfer news”
How to follow the latest Arsenal transfers?
Now, it is much easier to follow all the transfers of the London Arsenal. The website of the sports statistics is available to everyone. It is easy to find the information about transfers of any team. You just need to make a few clicks.
You can use the Internet to find out the latest information about a particular transfer. For example, the website offers the following information:
* the name of the new signing;
* his age;
* the number of games he scored for the club;
* the transfer fee;

The information about other transfers is available on this website. For this, you need to use the appropriate search engine. For instance, you will find the following data on the site of sports analytics:
• the number and the name (first and last name) of the players;
• their position in the team;
• the number, the name, the position, the salary, and the number (if any) of games they played for their club; and
• other data about the player.
There is also a special section on the sports analytics website for the fans of the English Premier League. Here you can find the data about transfers that are going on in the Premier League of England.
How will the new Arsenal player perform in the first matches of the season?
This season, Arsenal has a new striker. The person who will replace the main star of the previous year is the Spanish player Lautar.
Lautaro is a good player who can become a good substitute for the striker Alexis Sanchez in Arsenal lineup. He has already scored a lot for the Spanish national team and he is able for scoring a lot more.
He is able, for example, to score 12 goals in a season. It’d be interesting to see how the new attacker will perform in matches against the top teams.
What are the chances of the Spaniard to become Arsenal’ main striker?
In general, the chances are high that Lautario will become the new main striker of the Emirates. However it is important to note that the new star player has not yet played for his new team. It will be a long process before he will become a real star of his team. However he is a very good player and he can become one day a very important player for the team. In this case, the fans will be very happy.

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