Italian media: Balotelli was sent home from training

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After the first rounds of the Italian championship, it became clear that the situation in the team is not the best. The situation of the leaders is not so good too, but the team still has a chance to win.
The first rounds showed that the team needs to strengthen its defense. The team started the season badly, and it is obvious that the leaders have not yet recovered.
However, the situation is not as bad as it looks. The main problem is the lack of motivation of the team leaders. This is evident from the fact that they have not been able to show their best game for several years.

The team leaders are not happy with their results and are not ready to play for the title. This fact is obvious from the start of the championship.
It is obvious too that the main problem of the Milan team is the bad form of the main star of the club, Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo is the main player of the Portuguese team, and he is not able to help the team in the long tournament distance.
In the first round, the team was not able even to take the lead. The first matches were not successful for the team, which is why the leaders are tired of their results.
This is not surprising, because the team has not been in the best shape for several seasons. The leaders are also tired of the fact, that the club does not have a good transfer policy.
If the team does not improve its results in the next rounds, it will be extremely difficult for it to get into the Champions League zone.
News of the day:
* Juventus has signed a new goalkeeper
* Milan has a new coach
* Roma has a contract with Cristiano
* Liverpool has a deal with the player
* Manchester City has a transfer of Riyad Mahrez
* Chelsea has a loan of Eden Hazard
* Arsenal has a player for the summer
* Tottenham has a goalkeeper for the season
* Bayern has a striker for the next season
This season, the Championsā€™ League is becoming more and more interesting for the fans. The competition is increasing, and the leaders of the teams are trying to get to the next stage.
At the same time, the transfer policy of the clubs is also becoming more active. This trend is obvious, because many leaders are trying their best to get the best possible deals.
There is no doubt that the teams will fight for the gold medals, because they have the best players in the world. The teams have a long tournament, and this is a good chance to get a lot of points.
So far, the leaders do not have such a good result. The players have not recovered from the injuries, and they are not able yet to show the best game.
That is why it is so important for the teams to strengthen their defense. This will allow them to be able to fight for gold medals.
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Of course, the main favorite of the Champions league is Real Madrid. The club has a good lineup, and its players are able to score a lot. The Royal club has the best lineup in the league, and that is why they are able not only to win the tournament, but also to get many gold medals in a row.
Real Madrid has a long history of winning the tournament. The legendary club has won the tournament in the first time in 1992. The current champion of the tournament is the team of Florentino Perez.
Many people consider that the current champion is not a real champion, because it does not win the most number of trophies. However, the club has an excellent lineup, which can be called the best in the history of the sport.
Despite the fact of its long history, the Royal club is not considered to be a real contender for the champion title. However it is a real favorite of many fans. Real Madrid has the following advantages:
1. Long lineup.
2. Excellent teamwork.
3. Good individual skills.
4. Good organization.
5. Good motivation of leaders.
6. Good results. The results of Real Madrid are not always predictable.
7. Good coaching skills. The coach of the Royal team has a lot experience in the Champions club league.
8. Good relations with the fans of the league. The fans of Real are very loyal to the club.
9. Good transfer policy, which allows the club to buy many players.
Thus, the current season of the Spanish championship is very important for Real Madrid, because this season will be decisive for the clubā€™s place in the elite of the world football.

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