Could Khedira leave Real Madrid for Manchester United?

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The situation in the Old Trafford is becoming increasingly complicated. The situation is so serious that the club is now in the middle of a transfer campaign, which is expected to last until the end of the season.
The transfer campaign is particularly interesting because of the fact that the team is now being led by Jose Mourinho, who is famous for his tactical flexibility and the fact he can decide on the lineup in advance.
However, the main problem of the team, as it was already known, is the lack of motivation. The team is not playing in the Champions League, which means that it is not able to compete for the places in the Europa League zone.

However the team’s results are not bad, and the fans can be sure that the season will be really interesting. The main goal of the club’slive is to win the Champions Cup, and this is what the team needs the most.
Khedira’ transfer campaign
In the summer, the transfer campaign of the player of Real Madrid was very successful. The player of the Spanish club became the main star of the Old Royal. The transfer campaign was also successful for the player, who managed to get to the level of Cristiano Ronaldo.
This is a good result for the club, which has a very difficult task in the transfer market. The club has to find a new star, who will replace Ronaldo, and who will be able to replace the star of Real.
It is worth noting that the player has already managed to achieve this, and now the club will have to find the right solution for the problem. The problem is the fact the player is not yet ready for the level that Real Madrid demands.
In addition, the player needs to improve his game in order to become a real star. The star of Madrid is already able to attract a lot of fans, and he is able to win a lot in the field.
If the player was able to achieve such a result, then it is obvious that he will be very difficult to replace Ronaldo. The fact that Real is now looking for a new player is a clear sign that the transfer of the star is progressing.
Manchester United is not the only club that is interested in Khediria. The Portuguese player managed to find himself in the team of Manchester United, and it is clear that the Portuguese will not be leaving the club.
He has already become a star of Manchester, and his success in the Premier League is obvious. The English team is trying to get rid of him, but the player does not want to leave the team.
Moreover, the club has already found a good solution for this problem, because it is possible to sign the player for free. The cost of signing the player will be minimal, but this is a very good opportunity for the team to get a star player.
Will the player be able achieve the results of Manchester?
It will be extremely difficult for the Portuguese to replace Cristiano, but he will definitely not leave the club because of this. The Manchester United is a club that can be considered as one of the main favorites of the Champions league.
Real Madrid is the main rival of the Red Devils, and Khediri is not going to leave this club. The reason for this is the following:
1. The players are motivated. The coach of Real is very confident in the game, and everyone knows that he can make the necessary adjustments to the team in order not to lose points.
2. The level of the players of the Madrid is high. This is why the team can be called a real favorite of the tournament.
3. The price of signing a star is very low.
All this together makes the club a real contender for the victory in the tournament, and in the future it will be even more difficult for it to compete against Real Madrid.
Main results of the transfer season
The season of the English Premier league is coming to its end, and so far it has been quite successful. This fact is obvious, because the club won the champion title for the first time in the club history.
Of course, the team has many problems, but it is still possible to say that the results are quite good. The most serious problem of Manchester City is the failure of the Citizens in the international arena.
Despite this, the results show that the Citizens are still a real team, and they can compete with the best teams of the world. The next season will definitely be more interesting, because there are several interesting transfers that will affect the team’s results.
Among the transfers that can help Manchester City, we can note the following ones:
* signing of Leroy Sane;
* transfer of Riyad Mahrez;
* signing of De Bruyne.
Each of these transfers can significantly affect the results. The first transfer is interesting, as the player can be used in the attack of the Manchester City. The second transfer is quite obvious, as De Bruyn can become a good backup for Aguero.
Last but not least, the signing of Riyads is quite interesting, since the player brings a lot to the club and can be a real sensation in the English championship.
Who will replace Aguero?
The player of Manchester is still able to be a star, and that is why he is the best choice for the coach of the City.

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